Tooth Gems & Jewellery

Tooth Gems and jewellery

We always want our patients to leave our office smiling a little bit brighter, but if you’re ready to add an extra sparkle to your smile. These tooth gems are a safe way to make a statement because they’re bonded to your teeth by your dentist. We’ll also ask you to choose where you’d like your tooth jewels applied—in the corners of your teeth, centered, or near the bottom. The materials and technique used to place these tooth gems are tried-and-tested and they are bonded directly to your teeth, without any preparation required.

Pieces of Dental Art

There is an increasing number of people who are looking for more unique ways to turn parts of their bodies into unique works of art. For them, these decorations were closely related to one’s status in society. Applying gems or jewellery on your teeth requires a professional as doing it yourself can lead to several dental problems. That is why, if you want to apply tooth gems and jewellery it is best to seek a professional to do it for you. For best results, however, it is often recommended to seek the services of the originators of these wonderful pieces of dental art.

Stylish Dental Jewellery

You can be sure that whatever shape, stone, or gem you decide to be applied to your teeth, it will be done very professionally and in a manner befitting only the most important person on earth. You can get your stylish dental jewellery with the same-day install guarantee of the originators of these dental masterpieces. You can walk right in anytime and walk out feeling much more confident about your look. Smiling will never be the same again as your teeth will shine with the glitter of these gems.

Gems and Jewellery

Many of the individuals who have applied these gems to their teeth can attest to the boost in self-confidence with every smile that they make. Part of this confidence is the realization that people will always consider them fashionable and chic.These tooth gems and jewellery do speak a lot about an individual’s fashion sense. It’s about time you sport an entirely new and different fashion with your smile.A bonding agent and adhesive agent are then applied and cured with a light. The light used for curing the adhesive material is the same light utilized for curing the filling materials used in the field of dentistry.


Cleaning around your tooth jewel will ensure that retentive food doesn’t stick to the jewel trapping unwanted food debris. There are no special instructions after the adhesive has been cured. You can eat and drink as usual right after the procedure. Since the tooth jewel has been professionally applied with a durable resin, it must be removed by your dental professional. Accessorizing your best accessory whether it be through tooth jewellery, cosmetic dentistry, or orthodontic treatment, you can count on our team to give you the sparkle to your smile that you’ve always wanted!